Kevin Spacey: Journalist claims actor sexually assaulted teen son

Peter Castro
November 9, 2017

Nantucket Police Lieutenant Angus C. MacVicar couldn't confirm whether a sexual assault report was made, citing confidentiality under MA law.

According to Unruh's account, her son escaped Spacey's advances after the actor got up to use the restroom. Unruh said Spacey bought her son "drink after drink" and then stuck his hand down the teen's trousers and grabbed his genitals. "There was no consent". Spacey ultimately left to use the bathroom and when he was out of sight, Unruh's son ran away at the urging of a concerned woman who was nearby, she said.

Unruh said she has long wanted to say something about what Spacey allegedly did to her son.

Ms Unruh said embarrassment and fear meant her son did not inform authorities at the time, but that he had filed a police report following the tide of allegations against Harvey Weinstein last month. "So, OK, it happened 10 years ago", said Talese, who did not seem aware of the subsequent allegations by other young men accusing Spacey of sexual misconduct.

Because her son was afraid of shame and embarrassment, Unruh explained he chose to come forward now in wake of the stories that have been made public by other alleged victims. "That was an appalling attempt to deflect attention away from what you really are: a sexual predator".

It came just a week after actor Anthony Rapp accused the star of sexually assaulting him when he was 14. Evidence has been turned over to police; however, Garabedian declined to say what it was. Time the dominoes fell'.

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London police said have also said have begun investigating an alleged 2008 sexual assault reportedly linked to Spacey.

She also spoke directly to Spacey. With Spacey being one of the producers of the show and its lead star, this gave him power on the set and prevented the crew member from coming forward and telling his story.

Spacey responded to the allegations writing, "I honestly do not remember the encounter". Netflix says the now filming sixth season will be the last.

Unruh described her son at the time as a "star-struck, straight" 18-year-old.

Since Rapp made his allegations, Spacey has been hit by at least 10 other claims.

Unruh's allegation comes on the heels of several other allegations made against Spacey, which caused Netflix to cut ties with the actor and suspend production on the sixth season of "House of Cards", which is filmed and produced in Baltimore, indefinitely. Richard Dreyfuss" son Harry called him "a sexual predator' in an article he wrote for BuzzFeed.

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