OnePlus 5T Price Details Emerge; No Support For Wireless Charging

Allan Goodman
November 10, 2017

OnePlus has been very open about the OnePlus 5T considering the phone hasn't been launched yet, and the latest official news is that it won't have wireless charging.

OnePlus's CEO, Pete Lau, has already confirmed the phone will have a headphone slot, while his company's own Twitter feed has intimated that the device will launch in NY.

The reason why the company changed its decision is that wireless charging gives the power output of 15 watts which is comparatively less than what dash charge technology offers. Comparatively, in a wireless charging, the users will not have the convenience to pick up the device from the charging pad, when subjected to charging. This also means that, as rumoured, OnePlus 5T will not see the coming of wireless charging support. For now, it is good to stick with wired charging because of the speed.

Dash Charge is one of the fastest charging tech around.

Lau also elaborated that wireless charging isn't as convenient as conventional wired charging. "Dash Charge stays cool and power efficient". Until wireless charging can reach that level of speed, it will remain my less-preferred option to true fast charging.

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The OnePlus 5T will be the company's next smartphone and this has been confirmed by OnePlus and their upcoming event in NY. Dash charging just needs an adapter and a cable whereas wireless charging includes messy things such as tables, lamps, cables, and the list is long. He believes that this - wireless technology has a lot of space to develope now.

Wireless charging requires you to keep your device perfectly aligned on the pad to get the advertised charging rates and energy efficiency. But, that's not the case with dash charger - you can simply plug-in and use you phone for anything and at anytime.

"Wireless charging is an exciting concept that's matured a lot over the last few years".

While eliminating the step of plugging in your phone by just putting it down onto a pad sounds great, I consider it a solution to a problem that doesn't exist. The CEO has made it clear that in future, OnePlus may implement wireless charging "when the time is right". The date has been officially announced and this flagship device from OnePlus is declared to go on sale on November 21.

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