Nintendo Switch Finally Gets Its First Major Streaming App Today

Allan Goodman
November 11, 2017

This is hopefully the first of many streaming and premium content apps to come to the system, especially since Nintendo already provided several options on their previous consoles.

Hulu confirmed the launch of its video streaming app to the Nintendo Switch in a blog post, directing users to the Nintendo eShop to download it. Once installed, Hulu subscribers will see the same interface that they are familiar with from other platforms, with the Lineup and Keep Watching lists on display. After that, it becomes a subscription service which costs $7.99 per month for the core on-demand service or $39.99 to include the Live TV plan.

As a guy who has had an absolute ball playing his Switch this year, I have to say Nintendo is delivering on every point this year. With Hulu now on the Switch you have to imagine Netflix, Amazon, and the rest of the streaming pack won't be far behind.

For those interested in using the service, you should start seeing the ability to add it to your Switch starting today.

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Since its debut, the Switch has focused primarily on games, in wake of the underwhelming sales and life the Wii successor, the Wii U had.

Nintendo has not said much about streaming services on the Switch, so Hulu comes as a bit of a surprise. Ever since its release in March, the Nintendo Switch has been little more than a game-playing machine.

The Switch has been one of the Nintendo's best selling consoles to date. Nintendo promised steaming apps were coming eventually, but months have passed with no signs of them.

Nintendo Switch is getting Doom this week, and that has a lot of people curious about how the technical wonder runs on the hybrid home/handheld console. Besides, you will be able to watch live TV channels like ESPN, CNN, and FX with Hulu Live TV.

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