Google Home can now be used as a PA system

Delia Watkins
November 15, 2017

For now, the new command will activate all connected speakers that are associated with the Google Assistant account. Their speakers with built-in Google Assistant has now been given the ability to do the same.

Somewhere around last month, the tech giant made an official announcement stating that its users could now broadcast messages through its Google Home devices with the help of its voice assistant.

Beginning on Tuesday, people will be able to broadcast their voice through Google Assistant on their smartphones or voice-activated Google Assistant-enabled speakers such as Google Home. This may prove to be a bit hard if it's a smartphone, but at least with Google Home speakers, you can guarantee that. This smart device help you to perform many house chores. The voice message will then be sent to all Google Assistant-enabled speakers in the house that are associated with the user.

One can use this feature on any of its AI-powered devices, be it a home appliance or a smartphone.

Google Home announced a refreshed app today with a new look and a few updates meant to make it easier to find shows, films, and music.

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In addition to checking the temperature, you can also cycle through your thermostat's comfort settings (away, home, and sleep) and tell it to heat up or cool down a room.

To broadcast from one Google Home device to others, you will need to have at least two devices, which can be a combination of Google Home and Google Home Mini.

Everyday messages can also be broadcast, such as time for breakfast/lunch/dinner, time to leave, and the like, which will be accompanied by a sound. Just say, "Ok Google, Broadcast/shout/tell everyone/announce message ". For instance, if a user wants to ring in dinner time, the Assistant will ring a dinner bell on every speaker.

Google even built in a couple of fun (but useful) features to this effect.

The new broadcasting feature has already started rolling out to Assistant for the mobile and smart speakers.

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