Harrison Ford helps woman after she crashes her auto off highway

Peter Castro
November 21, 2017

Harrison Ford came to the rescue on Sunday, Nov. 19 and he saved a woman from a really scary auto accident.

TMZ reports that eyewitnesses saw Harrison driving behind the stranger when she lost control of her vehicle and wound up crashing into an embankment right off the freeway.

Harrison Ford helped rescue a driver who veered off the highway Sunday morning.

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The "Indiana Jones" actor is a known plane enthusiast. The actor then pulled over and checked on her along with several other people as paramedics made their way to the scene.

The victim was eventually transported to a local hospital with minor injuries. In video footage obtained by TMZ, Harrison can be seen standing just at the entrance to the tunnel, helping cars back up so that they can get out of the tunnel and merge into a separate lane.

The first time Ford helped in an emergency situation was in 2000 when he used a helicopter to help a stranded hiker in Idaho Falls. Aside from the heroic vehicle crash rescue, Ford also assisted the NYPD during this fall by helping direct civilian traffic around another vehicular accident that occurred at the Queens-Midtown Tunnel.

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