Valkryia Chronicles 4 has been production for two years, says Sega

Allan Goodman
November 21, 2017

Valkyria Chronicles was easily one of my favourite games from the PlayStation 3, and it was such a shame that its sequels were either stuck on handhelds, trapped in Japan or simply ended up being a bit boring and uninspiring.

After Valkyria Revolution adopted an action-RPG bent, Valkyria Chronicles 4 will return to the turn-based/real-time hybrid BLiTZ battle system of the original trilogy. Now it's on the new that Valkyria is happening again and this time it's the Valkyria Chronicles 4, which is coming to Xbox, Switch, and PS4 in 2018.

It is the year 1935 EC. As a last-ditch attempt at capturing the Imperial Capital, the Federation decides to initiate Operation Northern Cross.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 revealed 2

This new entry will be set during the same timeframe as the original Valkyria Chronicles, though it will feature an all-new cast - including an adorable dog in a hat.

Claude Wallace's Squad E consists of engineer Riley Miller, "hotheaded" Darcsen Raz, sniper Kai Schulen, and several others working through the harsh and unforgiving cold and the horrors of war. Visually, it manages to retain the art style for the series and looks better than its predecessors, although it is still not as impressive for a current generation game. The first Valkyria Chronicle was released by Sega back in 2008 for PS3 platform, along with a sequel that followed in 2010 on PSP.

Valkryia Chronicles 4 has been in production for the last two years, Sega recently confirmed. SEGA will release Valkyria Chronicles 4 in North America and Europe simultaneously in 2018.

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