The US DOJ has indicted the HBO hacker

Peter Castro
November 22, 2017

Photo The hacker released the script of an episode of "Game of Thrones" that had not yet been broadcast and also gained access to financial documents, cast and crew contact lists and other emails, the authorities said.

He is also accused by US authorities of previously conducting computer attacks for the Iranian military that targeted nuclear software systems and Israeli infrastructure. He was then able to steal unaired episodes of popular shows such as "Ballers", "Curb Your Enthusiasm", and "Room 104" between May and July.

Mesri is not in custody, and officials issued a "wanted" poster seeking help arresting him.

US federal prosecutors allege that Mesri leaked some of the stolen data on the Internet. "Yes it's true! HBO is hacked.Beware of heart attacks". He said Mesri would face consequences even though U.S. authorities could not immediately arrest him.

Mesri is accused of orchestrating a hack of HBO from May to August, then threatening to release stolen data unless the premium cable network paid a United States dollars 6 million ransom in the digital currency Bitcoin.

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"HBO has confirmed in the past that we were working with law enforcement from the early stages of the cyber incident", the network said Tuesday.

Mesri also at times worked on behalf of the Iranian hacker group Turk Black Hat Security to conduct "hundreds of website defacements" of platforms in the United States and elsewhere, the indictment alleges. He is accused of compromising multiple user accounts, and in July of sending an anonymous email to HBO personnel saying: "Hi to All losers!" He allegedly orchestrated a hacking scheme in an attempt to extort the company for $6 million worth of bitcoin.

In a statement, Kim said, "Mesri now stands charged with federal crimes, and although not arrested today, he will forever have to look over his shoulder until he is made to face justice".

It might be a total coincidence, but on the same day of his indictment, a team of hackers took Sacramento's transportation system by storm, erasing data from their servers and demanding a ransom of one single Bitcoin, which is more than $8200 at this time.

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