Sellers can now invoice buyers through PayPal's new chat extension for Messenger

Allan Goodman
November 24, 2017

The news of this 4K photo sharing feature comes just weeks after Facebook Messenger announced it is launching a new payment service in the United Kingdom that allows users to send money to one another via the popular app. Whether you're catching up over moments big and small - like a recent vacation, an wonderful meal at a new restaurant, a new member of the family, or the first snow day of the year - sharing photos of our experiences brings our conversations to life.

This use of Messenger is just the latest example of how we are exploring and enabling commerce in new contexts - building on the existing work we've done to help consumers and businesses use the PayPal platform to send and receive payments through other Facebook experiences.

For users, the change means that Messenger is suddenly a much better platform to swap photos with your friends, since you no longer have to sacrifice resolution.

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If spyware were installed on a user's phone, for example, the data could conceivably be stolen and used for nefarious purposes. But outlets point out the description leaves room for transparency in regards to exactly what kind of data it's collecting.

According to Facebook, its Messenger users send 17 billion pictures via the service monthly, and many users requested they be able to send said photos in higher resolutions. Take a look at the before and after of this photo a beach in Sydney.

Until now, the default resolution for images sent and received on Facebook Messenger was 2K. You will need to enter some simple details like item name, description, price, and quantity before sending it.

We know that every message matters to you, no matter how or what you're sharing. Then open a conversation and tap the camera roll icon. Facebook is rolling it out to the USA, Canada, France, Australia, the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea from today, and it will be made available to other countries in the coming weeks.

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