YouTube Further Cracking Down On Inappropriate Children's Videos

Peter Castro
November 29, 2017

Wright says that Google terminated more than 50 channels and removed thousands of videos over the past week using the new guidelines. Many big names such as Adidas, Cadbury, and Duetsche Bank have frozen their ad accounts with the platforms when they found out that their ads were being displayed with abusive content.

The restrictions and banishment of videos are very specific for religious extremists and Russian Federation or comedy skits that appear to show children being forcibly drowned. In addition, YouTube has switched off commenting on 625,000 videos.

"Finally, we removed ads from almost 2 million videos and over 50,000 channels masquerading as family-friendly content", YouTube said. In that time, the company has also "removed ads from almost 2 million videos and over 50,000 channels masquerading as family-friendly content", YouTube reportedly said in a statement. The company is also working to fix an issue with its autocomplete feature that returned "s*x with kids" on a search for "how to have", according to Engadget. The results, first reported by BuzzFeed, were also spotted by some users on the site, but have since been removed and were gone when tested in a private browser. "We are investigating this matter to determine what was behind the appearance of this autocompletion". "Earlier today our teams were alerted to this terrible autocomplete result and we worked to quickly remove it", the company told BuzzFeed News on Sunday.

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YouTube is again engulfed in a brand-safety crisis after a number of major advertisers froze their spending on the Google-owned platform after an investigation revealed their spots were running against videos featuring children undressing and other situations that had drawn comments from pedophiles.

Google's Johanna Wright explains in a blog post that these changes to enforcement "will take shape over the weeks and months ahead as we work to tackle this evolving challenge". The algorithm filters out hurtful, offensive, and inappropriate queries by users.

In related news, Google has also released an updated version of Duo video chat application in Google Play.

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