Apple's Spaceship better look out, Microsoft is modernizing its headquarters too

Delia Watkins
November 30, 2017

The massive redesign will begin next year and encompasses 18 new buildings, $150 million in transportation infrastructure improvements, and almost 7 million square feet of renovations to existing workspace, Microsoft said. The expansion will add enough room for 8,000 more people, and the construction itself will involve around 2,500 construction and development jobs over the course of the five to seven years it will take to complete. Microsoft's campus in Redmond is a 500-acre parcel that the software giant says is close to a "vibrant urban core, suburban towns, mountains, lakes, and forests". Apple Inc. opened its sprawling new main campus in Cupertino, California, earlier this year, while now looking for a city to host a second headquarters projected to cost more than $5 billion.

Microsoft will tear down 12 existing buildings, including the iconic but outdated X-shaped low-rises that were the company's original Redmond home. The company says the expansion marks a commitment to their employees, the community, and the entire Puget Sound. It'll feature work areas that are divided into a series of "team neighborhoods" with plenty of natural light, an environment that Smith believes will foster the type of creativity needed for ongoing innovation in the tech industry.

"As Microsoft continues to create the tools and services that are shaping the future of work, we can't think of a better time to modernize our campus into a model of ingenuity and innovation". Already, 42 percent of Microsoft's employees get to work by means other than a single-occupant vehicle-but that means something like 27,300 employees are gripping the wheel in the region's worsening traffic each day.

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A two-acre open air plaza will house running and walking trails, soccer and cricket fields, and retail space.

As part of this new green focus, the campus will be built for pedestrians and bikes. A bridge across WA-520, which will link both sides of its campus, will be for cyclists and walkers only.

PixabayMicrosoft Redmond campus - what are the plans?

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