Google finally fixes the 'wrong' burger and beer emojis in Android 8.1

Delia Watkins
November 30, 2017

The world is upside down in a lot ways, but a month after Google faced blowback from its flawed burger emoji, the company has put the cheese where it belongs.

According to Emojipedia, a site that tracks the emoji universe and all its changes, the burger design has been updated in the forthcoming Android 8.1 release, announced on Monday.

Emojipedia broke the news update on Twitter, after the 44-year-old tech tycoon had delivered his promise. The new version will also replace the original version of Google's cheeseburger emoji that had the sitting cheese underneath the patty.

If in case you are unaware of the situation, a tweet about the problem with the burger emoji went viral. The emoji used in Android had the cheese slice placed at the last, something which was incorrect.

WHEW, Google fixed the burger emoji in Android 8.1

In Android 8.1 "Oreo", they updated the emoji to reflect how actual human beings eat food, and the cheese is properly on top of the bun. The horror! - Google CEO Sundar Pichai replied he would "drop everything" to address this issue. They're also correcting a couple of emojis that have bothered some people because as we all know by now, emojis are serious business.

The corrected versions of emojis were first spotted by Emojipedia, which is now available under the Android 8.1 Developer Preview 2.

Notice anything different about the first and the second Cheeseburger emoji displayed above (aside from the fact that one says old and one says new, each being depicted in the type-set).

By now you have probably heard about the great burger debate of 2017. Later, Google also served "Android burgers" to its employees at its Seattle office. The incorrect version of a single beer glass emoji showed it half empty but with the froth magically dripping from the top. The cheese emoji now has "deeper" and darker holes, making it even more cheese-like.

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