Legislators cheer after Australian Senate passes gay marriage

Violet Powell
November 30, 2017

The bill will now proceed to the Lower House next week for one final vote, before same-sex marriage is expected to pass into Australian law.

"I think people have taken some liberties with the result of the postal survey, but having said that it is clear that the Australian people wanted to change the definition of marriage, that has now occurred in the senate".

But he predicts the festivities will really get started next week once the bill passes the lower house. Dean Smith shared the story of why he'd made a decision to author the marriage equality bill.

The Dean Smith bill will next week proceed to the House of Representatives, where the majority of MPs will need to vote in favour before the Marriage Act is finally changed.

Should the law be reformed by the year's end, Australia is looking to be the 26th country or region in the world to permit marriage equality.

"Despite millions of Australian receiving their postal votes in the mail, there were many who did not receive their forms and so were deprived of their right of participating in this survey", Burston said.

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Repeating a concern that he voiced several times during the senate debate, Senator Abetz said that Senator Smith's bill went further than most Australians realised because it would also allow transgender and intersex people to Wednesday.

It also includes a clause where "religious marriage celebrants" are not required to officiate same-sex weddings if it violates tenets of their faith.

Smith later said the bill's passage showed just how far Australia had come in the fight for equality.

"What [marriage equality] says to young LGBTIQ Australians, what it says to the young man struggling with who he is, or the young woman who feels alone and ashamed, what it says to the children of same-sex couples who feel ostracized", said Wong. "There is nothing to hide", he said in an emotional speech on Tuesday. The government has said the house will not adjourn until the legislation is passed. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull had promised to legalize gay marriage by Christmas ― a vow he'll now likely be able to fulfill.

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