Super Mario Cereal is now Nintendo official

Delia Watkins
December 1, 2017

Breakfast blog Cerealousy has uncovered a new cereal with Mario and Cappy on the box.

Super Mario Cereal, a mixed berry cereal with marshmallows, will start hitting store shelves across the early as December 11, and the limited-edition box will indeed function as an Amiibo-the box's Amiibo functionality will even allow players to unlock in-game rewards.

Of course, this isn't the first ever Super Mario-themed cereal. If Kellogg's really wanted to prey on nostalgia, they'd force kids to dig to the bottom of the box for a cellophane-wrapped mini Amiibo figure, but this is still pretty clever.

As mentioned above, Super Mario Cereal boxes are actually Amiibo, which can be used with Super Mario Odyssey.

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Those aren't huge bonuses by any stretch of the imagination, but it's still a cool application for an otherwise useless box.

Hopefully Super Mario Cereal will be a big hit, and one day we'll get an actual Amiibo of Mario holding a giant spoon. This popular '80s breakfast product contained cereal based on both the Mario and Zelda franchise and also included collectable cards (those were the days). "Oat stars are joined by mixed berry-flavored marshmallows, which have been modeled after Mario power-ups like the super mushroom and the "?" block. I kinda want to try this cereal just to see if it's any good, but that would mean straying from my lame adult diet of Raisin Bran or plain oatmeal.

No, it's not April 1 and no, I'm not making it up, but it looks as though Mario's next role sees him as a cereal killer... yup, it looks like Mario's coming to a cereal aisle near you soon!

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