Paul Manafort Free From House Arrest After Posting $12 Million Bail

Violet Powell
December 2, 2017

President Trump's former campaign manager Paul Manafort has agreed to a bail deal with prosecutors investigating alleged ties between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation.

"The Defendant will execute an agreement to forfeit four (4) separate real properties if there is a bail violation with a total estimated net value (i.e., fair market value less encumbrances) of approximately $11.65 million".

Defense lawyers representing former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort have successfully negotiated for new bail terms with special counsel Robert Mueller.

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Should Manafort violate the terms of the bail, the homes would be seized by the federal government. He can also travel to and from Washington, D.C. where proceedings are scheduled.

Under the proposed release conditions, Manafort would be allowed to travel to Florida, Virginia, and NY - where he has homes and does business - without needing special permission from the court, but he would need approval to travel elsewhere in the United States.

The bail agreement will allow Manafort to travel within the United States "to other jurisdictions (e.g., for a potential business meeting). only upon application to and approval by the Court". Each property will be subject to a lien in favor of the court "to reasonably assure Mr. Manafort's appearance as required", court documents said. He turned over his three US passports to prosecutors after his arrest. His lawyers said they were worth $11.6 million after existing mortgages are deducted. Manafort got additional passports to apply for visas when one was being used or believed to be lost, and traveled with a phone in his brother's name to protect the confidentiality of his clients. Jackson has said she was concerned that both men posed a flight risk because their extensive overseas connections. They will payout a $10 million bond should Manafort fail to appear to for an official proceeding.

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