Syria 'intercepts Israeli missiles' outside Damascus

Violet Powell
December 3, 2017

According to the reports, at least one missile hit the base situated near El-Kiswah, some 8 miles south of Damascus, while several others were intercepted by Syrian anti-aircraft missile systems.

Israel is yet to comment on the reports, although its military has repeatedly targeted Hizballah positions.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Britain-based monitor of the war, said the missiles, presumably Israeli, targeted "positions of the Syrian regime and its allies" southwest of Damascus.

Israel's bombings in Syrian territory typically operate under the guise of combatting the Lebanese resistance, Hezbollah, which Israel sees as a primary enemy.

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Israeli leaders of late have issued several statements committing to preventing a growing Iranian presence in Lebanon or Syria, including the establishment of bases.

Hadashot News reported November 26, that Netanyahu had warned Syrian President Bashar Assad via a third party that Israel would intervene against him in the Syrian civil war if he allowed Iran to establish a military presence in the country.

Tehran has helped prop up the Syrian regime with militias and officers. Satellite images commissioned by the BBC show construction activity at the site from January to October, 2017. It hopes, in short, to take economic advantage of reconstruction of country after almost seven years of civil war in which its contribution to foreseeable triumph of regime has been decisive.

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