Geminids meteor shower: What to expect near Evansville

Violet Powell
December 14, 2017

The peak time for this sky display will be Wednesday night into Thursday morning. According to this one, you'll enjoy darker skies for this year's Geminids meteor shower "due to a crescent moon not rising until a few hours before dawn". "However, if you trace the path of a Geminid meteor backwards, it appears to originate from within the constellation Gemini". Depending on where you are (most of MA, for example), cloudy skies will make meteor shower watching a non-starter tonight. If you're watching under a clear and dark sky, Sky & Telescope magazine predicts you could see a meteor every minute or two on average. Once the Earth passes the debris field, the rocks and dust burn which becomes what most people know as shooting stars.

And the Geminids meteor shower has already dazzled stargazers in eastern Europe. "With August's Perseids obscured by bright moonlight, the Geminids will be the best shower this year", he said. You can view the meteor shower after sunset Wednesday through sunrise Thursday. "When you see a meteor, try to trace it backwards", he said. While the forecast will be warmer than last night, temps are still expected to be very cold with another windy night expected.

The best viewing conditions on Wednesday night will be across the southern and western US, where cloud-free conditions are expected.

Credit Shutterstock
Credit Shutterstock

WEATHER FOR THE METEOR SHOWER: It will be a typically cold December night with temperatures in the upper 30s to lower 40s during the meteor shower.

"Geminid activity is broad", Cooke added.

The meteor shower can be seen from the Northern Hemisphere, and in the Southern Hemisphere.

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