Twitter introduces Threads to make 'Tweetstorming' easier for you

Peter Castro
December 14, 2017

Threads are the latest user-created feature to become an official Twitter product. This feature will allow users to easily thread multiple tweets together directly from the app or website, so it only makes sense to call these threaded tweets. Users have created their own workaround to do this by successively replying to their own tweets to add additional posts. The window where you compose a tweet now includes a plus sign at the bottom right.

The new feature which follows the recent doubling of the character limit on the platform is being seen as a fundamental change in how it operates. It essentially allowed them to quickly post a barrage of tweets, and this resulted in the birth of the "tweetstorm". Twitter is also making it simpler to spot a thread with the addition of a "Show this thread" label. After you write your Tweet, tapping on said icon and will add additional Tweets to your thread. In order to connect those journey's, this option is viable. I mean, naysayers will still say that Twitter is no Medium, however, there might as well be some pretty usages of the new feature in the near future. The posts will remain short and meaningful in a thread as well, but they can now be connected together.

The new threading feature is just one more that has blossomed from the inspiration of all the tweeters out there. But rather than further increasingly the length of tweets, the site has instead introduced another feature users have been begging for - threading.

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How do you thread tweets?

The company had confirmed last month it was testing the feature - which it's now calling "threads" - across its iOS and Android apps.

If you post a thread, the first tweet will appear in the timeline as normal, along with up to two more tweets from the thread.

Editing an existing thread is also easy as users will also be equally easy. The good news is that you can still tweetstorm the old way if you want to.

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