New guidelines renew concerns over radiation from cell phones

Joy Montgomery
December 20, 2017

Though the hazards of radiations emanating from cell phones have not been conclusively proved, the California Department of Public Health issued a "guidance document" on how to reduce exposure to radio frequency energy put out by the phones.

Cell phones emit radio frequency waves when they send and receive signals from cell towers that can be a risk factor for mental and physical health issues.

Why is it potentially risky?

But the simple fact is that smartphones are radio transceivers and, just like all radio transmitters, they emit electromagnetic waves that under certain conditions could cause changes at the cellular level in humans and other animals.

The guidelines are likely to be controversial, since scientific consensus has not been reached on the health impacts of cell phone usage, even as virtually all adult Americans are using a mobile device, and children begin use earlier than ever.

Don't use your phone to stream much audio or video, and try not to be around it when it's downloading or uploading significant files.

She added that there has been research showing the association of exposure to cell phone radiation and brain cancers and tumors.

Take a look at the details of the recommendations here.

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Don't sleep next to your phone or avoid placing it near to your head.

While the document acknowledges that the link is not definite, and that scientists disagree about whether phones cause health problems, the CDPH's decision to release the potentially scaremongering document seems irresponsible.

Remove the head et when you are not on call.

The California Department of Public Health last week released the new safety suggestions for cell phone users, which is a first, that includes keeping the cell phone at least arm's length away from your body while sleeping and carrying it in your purse instead of your pocket.

Long-term heavy use of cell phones may affect your health and the radio frequence energy emitted from them is worth your concern, according to the California Department of Public Health (CDPH).

Partial study results released a year ago by the U.S. National Toxicology Program showed that radiofrequency radiation was associated with a higher risk of two cancers in male rats.

The guidelines are partly as a result of a lawsuit that was brought about by Joel Moskowitz, a professor at the University of California Berkeley in 2009 that he had won previous year. This week, The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) issued a warning against the cellphones radiation's hazards.

The California warning emphasized that radiation may be even more unsafe for children's developing brains.

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