Elon Musk Reveals Photos of Tesla Roadster Launching on Falcon Heavy Rocket

Jon Howard
December 25, 2017

That's a good one.

Either way, we now know that a Tesla vehicle will indeed be aboard the Falcon Heavy when it takes it inaugural flight - propelled by 27 Merlin engines, or essentially three Falcon 9 rockets strapped together.

But if Musk has left any room for doubt, it is now gone with a striking photo he posted to Instagram on Friday afternoon.

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Elon Musk had made his plans known of putting a Tesla Roadster into Martian orbit a while back.

Amber Heard and Elon Musk seem to have reignited their romance, as the two were spotted locking lips after a lunch date on Thursday in LA.

Musk notes that rocket payloads for first test flights are generally just things that provide weight to simulate real cargo, like blocks of concrete or steel. "Of course, anything boring is awful, especially companies, so we chose to send something unusual, something that made us feel", Musk said, while unleashing the big reveal on Instagram. Instead, Plait wrote in a post for SyFy, it's "going near Mars" - specifically in what's called a Hohmann transfer orbit. Normally, the end result of the Hohmann transfer orbit is that the spacecraft either slows down to enter Mars' orbit, or it dives into Mars' atmosphere for a landing. He hinted at his reasoning for choosing the Roadster in another tweet: "I love the thought of a auto drifting apparently endlessly through space and perhaps being discovered by an alien race millions of years in the future". The rocket, according to reports, is set to be launched in January 2018. The picture shows a 2008 midnight-cherry-red Tesla Roadster sitting in the carbon-fiber fairing of a Falcon Heavy rocket - just as Musk promised.

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