Persistent Gaming To Be Recognized As A Mental Illness

Joy Montgomery
December 29, 2017

"Can't believe they're trying to make "gaming disorder" a mental health condition LOL", he tweeted. Signs include gaming getting in the way of a job, school, or spending time with family and friends.

The classification comes under 'Disorders due to addictive behaviors, ' and is characterized by "a pattern of persistent or recurrent gaming behavior". In the Beta Draft for its next International Classification of Diseases (via CNN), the organization listed "Gaming Disorder" alongside its gambling counterpart and a number of other addictions. According to the University of Bergen, Norway study, excessive gaming is a defense mechanism to cope with an underlying psychiatric disorder.

Gaming disorder falls under the class of illnesses categorized as addictive behaviors. Rather, it posits that when a gamer loses the ability to control when and how they play games, or if someone is constantly prioritizing video games "over other interests in life and keeps playing despite negative consequences", then it may be somewhat more than a hobby.

The inclusion does not mean that playing games is itself a problem, but should be looked at in context of how much, where and why someone plays.

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We argue that rather than stigmatizing gaming per se, the role of scientists and practitioners is to establish a clear-cut distinction between someone who may use games excessively but non-problematically and someone who is experiencing significant impairment in their daily lives as a outcome of their excessive gaming. But for some people online, it was hard for them to take the addition seriously. Compulsive gaming and problematic substance use can also go hand in hand. Someone who is struggling with depression or anxiety may turn to gaming or abuse substances like alcohol as a way to relieve those symptoms. Lee wrote in a column for Forbes that gaming habits can also be psychologically beneficial.

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Impaired control over gaming (such as frequency, intensity and duration).

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