Danish retailer may have leaked Red Dead Redemption 2 release date

Allan Goodman
January 1, 2018

Release date months before its announcement? . You can pre-order Red Dead Redemption 2 from the Microsoft Store for $59.99.

Oddly enough, the leak comes from the same Danish retail outlet that also let slip an accurate launch date for "Grand Theft Auto V" for home consoles.

According to Coolshop, a Danish retail site, Red Dead Redemption 2 will be launching on June 8, 2018 even though this could be a mistake for the retail website the date coincides with that of the last piece of information Rockstar gave its fans regarding the date.

That's right, June. Currently, the official word is that the game will be released in Spring 2018, and Spring that ain't. Players a thrust into the role of the villainous outlaw, Arthur Morgan. We don't now know very much about what the game will entail, but at this point any additional entry in the series is exciting for those looking to see the story continue. Usually games developed by Rockstar are out on Tuesdays and June 8 falls on a Friday.

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And what scenery there is. However, back in May, Rockstar stated that it needed more time to put the polish to the game and postponed the launch until next spring.

Still, it looks as though we're less than six months away from one of the biggest games in years hitting our consoles.

Developer Rockstar Studios announced in May of this year that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One game would be delayed until the second quarter of 2018.

We're sure Rockstar's PR team has a plan but, if June 8 is indeed the new launch date, you would think The Game Awards earlier this month would have been the flawless time to make the final reveal. We'll have to wait for Rockstar to confirm one way or another, which likely won't happen anytime soon.

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