LG Preps an 88-Inch, 8K OLED TV for CES 2018

Delia Watkins
January 2, 2018

There have been larger 8K displays - going as high as 145-inch - but none using the OLED technology.

However, LG will be unveiling some more products at the event. For instance, 88-inch 4K LED TV will set you back by $20,000 and you can imagine how much expensive the new LG 8K TV will be.

LG Display has showcased a new 88-inch OLED display with an 8K resolution, ahead of the upcoming CES 2018 show in Las Vegas. Interestingly, the new system has an 8K display making it the first of its kind and with this, the company is promising better things for the consumers. Till date, the highest resolution available on TVs has been 4K or Ultra HD which most of the flagship models come with. As for the competition, Samsung might not come into the picture in this category as the company has already shifted its focus from OLED TVs to QLED TVs.

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The television, which measures a huge 88 inches across in its display, packs a total of 7780 x 4320 pixels into all that screen real estate. Samsung now dominates the mobile OLED market, while LG has received some flak regarding its panels, most notably with regard to Pixel 2 XL. Numerous TV manufacturers including LG Electronics, Sony, and Panasonic have sourced their large OLED panels from LG Display itself. "OLED TVs are well-known for their superior picture quality with flawless black, more life-like colors, and wider viewing angles", LG added.

8K resolution television is the world's first and largest of its category. The recent development in this scenario is the construction of a manufacturing plant in China's Guangzhou city. It may take time, but LG can definitely boast of its achievement when the time comes.

In other words, it might make more sense to take the tens of thousands of dollars you'd blow on an 8K television and instead buy the biggest 4K display you can get your hands on. The recognition belongs to Dell after the Round Rock, Texas-based company announced its 32-inch 7680x4320 UltraSharp UP3218K monitor at CES 2017 and started selling the device months after.

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