LG's compact 4K UHD projector to debut at CES 2018

Delia Watkins
January 5, 2018

That being said, 4K projectors aren't exactly new, but LG is boasting that compared to the competition, their 4K projector is smaller, easy to install, and all done without sacrificing image quality, and also being easy on the wallet.

CES 2018 has become a thing of the past because all the big players, especially LG is busy making announcements one after the other even before the show floor is open. The LG 4K projector supports HDR content so that the images appear life-like and realistic. Two 7-watt speakers deliver high-quality audio.

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The projector's portable size and unique upright design is made possible by its mirrorless I-shaped engine, which allows the projector to show flawless images whether it is placed on the floor, mounted on the wall or hanging from the ceiling. It can support up to 150-inch screen at 2,500 lumens, which makes it the brightest projector on the market. Also, it can be connected to external speakers or soundbars through optical output, Bluetooth or HDMI. There is also a unique mirror reflector that acts as a lens cover to protect the device from dust and moisture when not in use.

Known under the product code HU80KA, the new LG 4K projector is known as the most affordable yet premium UHD projector in the market. Of course we can't speak to its quality based on the renders we're seeing, but LG is expected to demo it at CES 2018 next week, so we'll probably find out more then. The device comes equipped with standard connectivity options for USB, Ethernet and HDMI ports, as well as wireless support for external devices such as a keyboard and mouse, offering endless access to high-quality content.

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