Mad Catz comes back from the dead

Allan Goodman
January 5, 2018

Among the new hardware announced is a new wireless version of the Rat mouse, the Rat Air.

A M.O.J.O controller designed for for smartphones released a few years before Mad Catz went bankrupt.

For additional information on Mad Catz, you can head over to the official website.

Having declared bankruptcy last March, Mad Catz might as well have been a company that would have little to no shot of coming back.

Also new are the Strike 4 mechanical keyboard with aluminum frame and RGB lighting, and the Freq 4 gaming headset, built around 40mm neodymium drivers, swappable earpads, and oxygen free copper cable, which true audiophiles love because it gives them something to argue about.

Mad Catz returns from the dead with a dangerous-looking wireless mouse

It appears that the revived Mad Catz has learned its lessons from past mistakes, such as its decision to co-publish Rock Band 4 in 2015.

Mad Catz has been a fixture in the gaming industry for almost three decades, so it's good to see the company is back and with it's commitment to quality, maybe we'll see a return to form ... and awesome arcade sticks. The new products are going to be demoed at CES 2018, so launch may not be too far off - at least for the familiar products from one of Mad Catz's previous lives. After liquidation, the company officially close up shop, but apparently, some former employees on the manufacturing side (in China) chose to pick up the pieces and keep on trucking as Mad Catz Global Limited and will be based out of Kowloon, Hong Kong. For one, Mad Catz's original design team was shipped off to Logitech in 2016 when the former was forced to sell its Saitek team to the latter.

'We couldn't be more excited than to begin 2018 by announcing the return of Mad Catz to the global gaming arena. "Mad Catz has been a permanent fixture in gaming for nearly three decades and we firmly believe it's best days lie ahead", said Director of Sales and Operations Selena Chang.

It's great to see that such a beloved company is making its return this year, but what remains to be seen is whether it will be able to regain the presence it once had within the FGC.

According to Verrey, the new owner is focused on quality and not quantity, which means we should see less of whatever that was that Mad Catz showed off a few years back.

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