Google brings Android Pay and Google Wallet together under Google Pay banner

Allan Goodman
January 9, 2018

Google has announced that "Google Pay" will soon be everywhere.

Pali Bhat, VP of Product Management, Payments, concludes in the company's blog post, "Bringing everything into one brand is just the first step for Google Pay".

Android Pay hasn't been able to consistently keep up with the global expansion rate of Samsung Pay and Apple Pay, despite technically launching just one month after the former digital wallet platform, but especially in this past year or so, the service has grown at a healthy pace, both in the U.S. and around the world.

In addition, the Android Pay logo at payment terminals will eventually be replaced by the new G Pay logo, the same logo that'll be used for all of Google Pay's online partners.

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Here's where it gets a little confusing.

While users can expect Google Pay to become a more visible option in the coming weeks, Google notes that the feature is already available on services like Airbnb, Dice, Fandango, Lyft, HungryHouse, Instacart and more. Does that mean it's rolling out to more websites? Basically, the same way you pay for things now will continue, except it'll all be called Google Pay. Do companies need to do anything on their end to support the new service? Then in 2015, Google came out with Android Pay, with support from three major USA carriers. For now, however, it doesn't sound as if much is changing - just the name.

"Some consumers may think this is a totally new payment platform, but in-store mobile payment usage is low anyway, so the largest potential impact will be with online sales, and that's where Google is trying to compete against Amazon, PayPal and the card networks", Pucci said.

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