Google faces a lawsuit over discriminating against white men and conservatives

Jon Howard
January 9, 2018

However, Damore's attorneys are extra bold in their assertion that another he, along with former Google employee (David Gudeman) and unspecified others, have been wronged to the degree that a class-action lawsuit is warranted.

It alleges that Google singles out and punish employees like Damore who expressed views that don't align with how the majority of employees at the tech firm feel about politics and diversity efforts.

James Damore's class action lawsuit claiming that Google unfairly discriminates against white men with unpopular political views is surprising, considering the overwhelming evidence of systemic sexism and underrepresentation of women and minorities in the tech industry, a Toronto lawyer says.

Google did not immediately reply to a Law&Crime request for comment.

The survey also pointed to the lack of diversity among startup business' board of directors; More than 51 per cent of startup teams were made up of mostly men, a slight increase from a year ago (50 per cent).

Google spokesman Ty Sheppard previously told CNNMoney that the company has strong policies against workplace retaliation, harassment and discrimination.

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This newspaper reached out to Google and this post will be updated.

The engineer fired by Google in August after he wrote a controversial memo about diversity in the workplace and the political climate at the tech giant has filed a lawsuit alleging discrimination against conservative white men. It circulated widely inside the company and became public over the first weekend in August, causing a furor that amplified the pressure on Google executives to take a more definitive stand. Google terminated Damore for the memo, saying it was contrary to the company's basic values and code of conduct.

It accuses the company of failing to protect employees with conservative views, including supporting US President Donald Trump.

The debate comes as Google is fighting claims by the U.S. Department of Labor that it systemically discriminates against women.

In the lawsuit, Mr Damore said the memo was meant to remain internal and had been written in response to a request for feedback from a diversity and inclusion summit he had attended. The data show that 56 percent of Google's workforce and 53 percent of its technical staff are white.

Damore said in a lawsuit filed in Superior Court in Santa Clara County that he was harassed and threatened by other Googlers and fired for "perpetuating gender stereotypes".

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