Intel Launches Most Powerful Intel NUC

Allan Goodman
January 9, 2018

Intel's new Kaby Lake G-series processors were first announced back in November past year.

Intel has launched the 8th Gen Intel Core processor with Radeon RX Vega M Graphics. Four of the Core i7 parts have 8MB of cache, work at a 3.1GHz base clock and 4.1GHz maximum Turbo CPU clock (4.2GHz for the unlocked Core i7-8809G) and support DDR4-2400 memory in dual-channel configuration.

Intel is offering two configuration for the new chip. The obvious solution was to team up and build a new kind of chip that incorporates the best from both companies. Geared towards gamers, content creators, and graphics-intensive applications, this new processor powers Intel's new NUC, making it the world's smallest VR-capable computer.

Intel's "relationship" with long-time rival AMD has intensified at the CES trade show this week with the release of five new products, including new Core H-series processors integrated with AMD's Vega M graphics. The new processor uses a package technology called Embedded Multi-Die Interconnect Bridge (EMIB) that creates an eight-lane "data-highway" between the processor and the graphics chip. Intel says that the processors are at par with Nvidia's discrete graphics cards for gaming laptops.

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In terms of performance, the flagship model should be fast like a GTX 1060 Max-Q 6GB. The Radeon Graphics RX Vega M GH models have 100W TDP rating meanwhile the GL models have a 65W TDP.

The first set of notebooks powered by Intel's G-series CPU can be expected to launch in the second quarter of 2018. Packed with features and performance crafted for gamers, content creators and fans of virtual and mixed reality, it expands Intel's portfolio thanks to its optimization for small form factors like 2 in 1s, thin and light notebooks, and mini PCs.

The chances of the i5 8305G, the HyperThreaded quad-core with 20 Vega CUs, appearing in a sleek sub-$1,000 laptop are pretty remote, but that's exactly where the current GTX 1050-based machines are sitting. To begin with, the new laptops will be made available in the USA via Dell, HP and Lenovo followed by emerging countries such as India.

Meanwhile, with 14.6 per cent market share, Samsung Electronics replaced chip maker giant Intel to become the top player in the global semiconductor industry in 2017, market research firm Gartner said. We will see more products with this processor series later this year.

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