Did Trump forget the words to USA national anthem?

Tricia Pearson
January 10, 2018

During one of his speeches, Trump even called a football player who refused to stand at attention during the performance of the USA national anthem "son of a bitch".

Social media commented that it appeared the president doesn't know the words to the song - which is especially peculiar because of his repeated stance that the country's flag and anthem must be respected at football games. He renewed the attack earlier Monday on Twitter.

Another user named, X pointed out how Trump has been at loggerheads with the National Football League (NFL) about not respecting the anthem but has failed to mumble the anthem on his own. President Trump's mental state has already been called into question, and the bad lip sync has been identified by some as proof that the president's mental health is deteriorating.

There were times when Trump wasn't singing at all and at others he seemed to be speaking out random words.

"We want our flag respected", Trump told the annual gathering of the American Farm Bureau Federation in Nashville. Those in military uniform should salute.

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And given the president's strong stance on the national anthem, it's no surprise that his critics pounced.

He said: "The NFL has decided that it will not force players to stand for the playing of our National Anthem".

What has Mr Trump said about the anthem? Standing for the National Anthem, he demonstrated an inability or lack of desire to sing along, mouthing certain words while remaining tight-lipped for others - or as the AV Club described, "slowly working his soft jaw like some dead-eyed fish".

Mr Trump has also strongly criticised National Football League stars kneeling during the anthem in protest against perceived racial injustice.

At first, the president's detractors took to Twitter, gleefully suggesting that he didn't know the words to the song at all.

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