Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Coming to Switch

Delia Watkins
January 12, 2018

Nintendo's Wii U was host to some damned good games - but the system was a bit of a failure. Did you miss the game the first time around?

The Switch version includes the original game, plus a new beginner-friendly mode that lets you play as surfing simian Funky Kong.

This won't come as a total surprise since we saw his Rabbid counterpart past year, but now we have our first look at what Donkey Kong - the regular, non-Rabbid form - looks like in Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. This new mode will make the game much more accessible to a younger audience. The game features pretty much everything that you'd expect it to feature, being an nearly direct port from the Wii U version, but with one cool addition.

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The Switch is not going to turn into a dumping ground for games that came out on the Xbox 360 or Wii U four or five years ago. Celeste comes from the developer of Towerfall, and is an indie action platformer coming to Switch on January 25.

Plus, it means that Retro Studios is likely hard at work on a new game. The writers here at Nintendo Enthusiast are huge fans of Tropical Freeze, so this is a welcome announcement.

'Donkey Kong's latest adventure is a slick, good-looking and demanding 2D platformer that works like a trooper to keep you entertained.

On Nintendo Direct this morning, Nintendo announced that another game for Wii U will be taken to Nintendo Switch.

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