First look at Tom Hardy as Venom's Eddie Brock

Peter Castro
January 12, 2018

First appearing in the comic book series as an alien costume worn by Spider-Man in Marvel's The Amazing Spider-Man #252 in 1984, it was several years before the creature left Peter Parker and merged with photographer Eddie Brock, forming the antihero known as Venom. What do you think of this first image from Venom?

Tom Hardy and Ruben Fleischer have been hard at work on Sony's Venom for the past few months. Check out the photo below, and click through to get a closer look at the full-sized image.

It's unclear whether that means we'll get to see Venom swing into the MCU or pop up in some other Marvel/Sony film. These story pieces seem to be pretty good picks on the Studio's parts to bring life to the Venom character.

The film takes place in San Francisco and Fleischer drew primary inspiration from two comic runs, Lethal Protector-which saw Venom moving to San Francisco where he tackles five new offspring of the Venom Symbiote-and Planet of the Symbiotes, where Earth is invaded by an army of symbiotes.

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"Planet of the Symbiotes", meanwhile, follows Eddie Brock's relationship with his symbiote and the influence it has on him.

I can promise you badass action, Venom's dark humor, and I can also promise you an absolutely stunning performance by Tom Hardy. But the down-on-his-luck investigative journalist who will eventually bond with the suit to become the anti-hero Spider-Man knows all too well.

Hardy also added: "I give you my word of honor that I'm going to do anything I can to deliver the best Venom that I possibly can muster".

Joining Hardy in the upcoming movie are Riz Ahmed (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story), Michelle Williams (Blue Valentine), Jenny Slate (Zootopia) and Woody Harrelson (the Hunger Gamesfranchise, True Detective).

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