Congress must fund Children's Health Insurance Program

Joy Montgomery
January 14, 2018

By now perhaps you've heard that Republicans in Congress are denying health care to poor children, because what else would those robber barons do?

Even more worrying, after partisan squabbles allowed the program to lapse September 30, is that "it's unclear how long [that funding] will actually allow all states to continue operating their CHIP programs", warns the National Academy for State Health Policy.

State officials submitted a request with the federal government on November 16 for an extra $90 million to support CHIP in the state until February.

After Congress provided short-term funding, CT reopened enrollment in CHIP and indicated coverage would continue through February up until March 1, according to Kaiser.

The months-long failure on Capitol Hill to pass a long-term extension to CHIP, which provides health coverage to 9 million lower-income children, portends serious health consequences for many of them.

"At this point it would just be CHIP".

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A new study by the Congressional Budget Office says extending CHIP for 10 years saves $6 billion dollars. The CHIP benefits allow him to continue his work as a civil rights attorney, providing free representation for people with disabilities.

Funding CHIP is cheaper than moving the covered children to other coverage options, including Medicaid and through subsidized plans in the Affordable Care Act marketplace, according to the CBO. Ed Markey tweeted on Wednesday.

"It's nonsensical and it's frustrating and it's ridiculous, honestly", said Brown, vice chair of the National Governors Association Health and Human Services Committee.

U.S. Sen. Doug Jones, D-Ala., on Thursday announced that he is co-sponsoring a Senate bill that would extend the Children's Health Insurance Program for five years as Congress negotiates restoring funding for the program.

When Marina Natali's younger son broke his arm ice-skating a year ago, she did not have to worry about paying: CHIP footed all of his medical bills. I am urging my Senate colleagues on both sides of the aisle to urgently prioritize issues that are essential to working folks - like ensuring the children who rely on CHIP can keep getting the care they need. Wyden has always supported extending CHIP for as long as possible, including a permanent extension that would save taxpayers billions of dollars while giving kids long-term health care security.

Pennsylvania officials sent a notice to CHIP providers in late December - who then sent it to enrollees - saying it would have to end the program in March unless Congress acts. "I have every reason to believe it's going to happen before Friday". Another 25 states will run out of CHIP money in the first three months of 2018.

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