Luján Addresses Vote On FISA Surveillance Bill

Violet Powell
January 16, 2018

President Donald Trump on Thursday attacked his own administration's position on renewing Section 702 of the FISA Amendments Act - and it's all because of something he saw on "Fox & Friends".

Trump has been critical of "unmasking", a term used to describe revealing identities of Americans who were communicating with foreign officials under surveillance by the United States intelligence community.

The House of Representatives on Thursday will vote on whether to extend a controversial program of warrantless spying on internet and phone networks put in place by the National Security Agency that dates back to the September 11 attacks.

The White House has issued statements this week and asked lawmakers to reauthorise it, even urging members late Wednesday night to reject a proposed amendment to the measure that would weaken the bill and likely kill its chances of passage in the Senate.

In a narrow victory for the Trump administration, the House on Thursday voted down a bid to impose new limits on how authorities can use information on Americans collected in foreign spying.

Shortly after, Trump said the bill "is about foreign surveillance of foreign bad guys on foreign land".

Before voting the bill today, House representatives shot down an amendment that would have forced USA law enforcement officials to at least get a warrant when searching for data on USA citizens collected in this database.

"You pass the Amash Amendment, you bring that firewall right back up", he said.

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But as a prelude to final action, the House of Representatives voted 233-183 to defeat an amendment that would have limited its extension to four years and added a series of privacy protections.

The program, known as Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, allows US spy agencies to collect information on foreign targets outside the United States.

At a press conference following the vote, Ryan cleared up Trump's tweets. Paul would probably vote against both anyway, but if Congress gets a deal on DACA and border security, the spending bill should breeze through.

Those divergent responses prompted some members of Congress to question whether Mr Trump understood a controversial national security tool that was on the verge of being renewed. The bill reauthorizes for six years a powerful government authority to conduct foreign surveillance on US soil. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) says he intends to block any such legislation in the Senate.

"FISA is something the President should have known about long before he turned on Fox this morning", Sen. Section 702 remains controversial because it can sweep up Americans in the process.

Yesterday, the House voted 256-164 to extend NSA's FISA 702 mass surveillance programs for another six years.

Republicans have long raised concerns that the dossier, written by a British spy and funded in part by the Democratic National Committee, was used by the Federal Bureau of Investigation as justification to secure a FISA warrant and monitor members of the Trump campaign over concerns of collusion with Russian officials. Next, the renewal will go to the Senate.

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