Amazon Echo Spot comes to the UK, Germany and Austria

Allan Goodman
January 17, 2018

The Echo Spot, however, does not share the Dot's impulse-buy pricing of £50, instead costing £120 each or £200 for two, available for pre-order today and shipping on 24 January.

In the United Kingdom the Amazon Echo Spot is up for pre-order now. The design of the Spot is one of the best we've seen from Amazon, though.

The screen is impressively clear, even at quite oblique viewing angles, and the circular video is absolutely fine for news and calls, even if you aren't going to want to watch Dr Zhivago or Guardians of the Galaxy 2 on it.

During the 2017 holiday season, the Echo Dot not only ranked as the top-selling Amazon device but also as the bestselling product on Amazon, in all categories and from all manufacturers.

With the Echo Spot's arrival, in a choice of white or black, the Amazon Echo family continues to grow at a rapid pace, like the family that lives on the end of your street.

That used to mean voice calls, but the Spot has a camera and a round screen so you can make video calls with it too.

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The Echo Spot can be thought of as an Echo Dot (the scaled down version of the original Echo) but with a camera and screen. It's similar to the Echo Show insofar as it has a screen, except it's squeezed into an alarm clock-style form factor.

Both devices are designed for video calls and both feature the instant "drop in" feature that lets you make quick video calls without actually making the call.

"Alexa is gaining new opinions about things every day".

The executive also told TechCrunch that Amazon has learned where Alexa's knowledge gaps are by analyzing questions real users have asked the virtual assistant that it was unable to answer.

Amazon launched its first screen-carrying Echo - the Echo Show - in the United Kingdom at the end of previous year, with the device able to display video news briefings as well as make video calls and show song lyrics.

The Echo Spot uses quad-mic array, compared to Amazon's typical eight/seven mic arrangement on most of the Echo line-up, however, don't expect this to impact its functionality in any noticable way. He said: "Once Amazon or Google get their customer, it opens an incredible opportunity to sell more speakers for new rooms, and lock out their competitors in that household".

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