Google Building Three New Undersea Fiber Optic Cables To Expand Cloud Services

Delia Watkins
January 17, 2018

Google has already helped built three undersea fiber-optic cables, and now it plans to add three more, which will both speed up data transfers to certain reasons and offer alternative routes when data fails in other areas.

The new regions in the Netherlands and Montreal will open in the first quarter of 2018, while those in, Finland, Hong Kong and Los Angeles will open later this year. The system will connect subsea communication hubs in Asia through multiple scalable, diverse paths that will help customers to experience improved capacity and latency from Australia to major hubs in Asia.

Google Cloud Platform's infrastructure plans for 2018.

"Together, these investments further improve our network-the world's largest-which by some accounts delivers 25% of worldwide internet traffic", said Ben Treynor Sloss, Vice President of Google's cloud platform, in a blog post. The unique position gives the company a concerning amount of power.

The companies setting up the cables include TE SubCom, a unit of NYSE-listed TE Connectivity Ltd, and Tokyo-listed NEC Corp, Google said. It will serve Google users and customers across Latin America. The team claims it has pumped $30 billion into cloud infrastructure over the last three years, and announcements like this imply the big spending will continue.

Treynor stated that since the search giant commands control over the design and construction processes, it can fully define the technical specifications, streamline deployment and deliver service to the users and customers quickly. This expansion encompasses much of the globe, with three new submarine cables and data centers in five new regions planned.

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A second cable, which will run from the U.S. east coast to Denmark, with a stopover in Ireland, will be 7242 kms in length.

The cable linking Chile to California, called "Curie" in honor of Marie Curie, will be "the main data conduit from or to Chile", said Sloss.

One of the cables will be entirely Google owned and will connect Los Angeles to Chile.

Google will work with leading social network Facebook and other companies on a "Havfrue" cable linking the USA with Denmark and Ireland. These new regions will come online beginning later this year, while the undersea cables will all launch in 2019.

These three cables will take Google's direct investments up to 11 cables, with the others including: Indigo, PLCN, Tannat, Junior, Monet, FASTER, SJC and UNITY.

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