Rajon Rondo Doesn't Think Celtics Should Honor Isaiah Thomas

Violet Powell
January 18, 2018

"I gotta say a word for you, fam".

"I look forward to coming back and playing in Boston on February 11 and see all of the great fans whom I will always remember for their love and incredible support the past few years", Thomas said on Twitter.

Ainge explained that IT always meant to make this choice after learning of Pierce's feelings towards it and he says it wasn't their intention to rain on his parade.

"Danny and I talked about it for 40 minutes", Pierce said. To continue the campaign after Thomas made clear how important his video was to him? You came to Boston.

Rondo, with help from Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen, earned one of those banners, No. 17, for Boston, and he reached one other NBA Finals.

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Pierce was not game to share his spotlight moment with a lesser former Celtic and even had the temerity to actually ask for the Kobe Bryant treatment in response to the planned Thomas tribute. Hopefully the Boston Celtics will do that for me.

Pierce said that Thomas "had a shot to be honored" during the game earlier this month and should have had his tribute then, regardless of whether he was playing. I just don't see how, if someone is having a jersey retirement, they're going to be running other tributes for other players. "Hell no, you're damn right you're not sharing your night with him, '" he said. He pretty much dictated everything.' They let it happen because they felt sorry how [the trade to Cleveland] went down. "It's guilt. That's what it is".

"I'm with Pierce, man", said former Boston guard Tony Allen. He seemed offended the team would recognize someone who only played there 2 1/2 years and only advanced to the Eastern Conference finals (a C's loss last season to the Cavaliers).

The matter, now, has been settled.

Later on Tuesday, Thomas tweeted he didn't want the Celtics to run the video tribute for him because it was Pierce's night. He got his wish, but only after this whole saga turned into an ugly mess where really no one - save for perhaps Thomas - comes out looking good.

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