Nintendo Switch Was The Best-Selling Console In December 2017

Allan Goodman
January 19, 2018

Nintendo consoles continue to fly off the shelves. Total figures for Switch now sit at more than 4.8 million; not too shabby considering it only launched 10 months ago. The Nintendo Switch sold especially well during the last month of the year, selling a whopping 1.5 million units in the five-week period of December, according to NPD. All three versions of the hardware moved over 750,000 units combined, making it the best December for 3DS since 2014.

Worldwide, 3DS hardware has sold more than 69 million units, meaning it still has some catching up to do to reach the Nintendo DS, which sold more than 154 million units, and Game Boy, which sold more than 118 million units.

That means that more than 21 million handhelds in the Nintendo 3DS of systems have now been sold in the United States.

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Six Switch games also finished in the top 20 on the December software charts.

Ahead of the release of the monthly U.S. sales report from the NPD Group, Nintendo issued a press statement today confirming that more than 2.6m units of hardware were sold in December across Switch, the 3DS family, and the Super Nintendo Classic Mini. Additionally, Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon for Nintendo 3DS finished No. 13 and No. 14, respectively.

December was another good month for the Nintendo Switch as the console set a number of sales milestones.

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