WWE star Roman Reigns linked to massive steroid investigation

Peter Castro
January 19, 2018

ORIGINAL: Richard Rodriguez, a steroid dealer who is now in jail, is accusing WWE Superstar Roman Reigns of being one of his former clients. Rodriguez is the former Iron Addicts Gym owner in Miami, FL and claims that Reigns is one of the many celebrities he sold steroids too.

Rodriquez is now in prison and with his freedom curtailed has chose to snitch on the A-list celebrities. He plans to name those and more names in a documentary filmed "face-to-face" at the prison, which it sounds like Bravo will direct.

Rodriguez's Wellness Fitness Nutrition LLC (WFN) was raided by the DEA previous year following an investigation. Rodriguez was accused of running an illicit distribution chain by importing products from China and using them to manufacture illegal steroids in Arizona before selling them out of Miami.

Rodriguez also said he chose to disclose Reins as part of his plea.

With good lawyers, Josh and Mark would likely just pay a fine, if they get in trouble at all.

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"He [Reigns] is a very down to earth person, however, a situation involved in which... often times when you're brought to trials - which I was not, I chose to take a plea - however, they disclose discovery".

So far, neither Wahldberg, Duhamel nor Reigns have commented on the allegations.

Reigns, the current Intercontinental champion, is slated to defend his title against the Miz on Monday Night Raw's 25th anniversary show Monday evening.

Reigns who has been suspended once for violating WWE's Wellness policy programme in June 2016 denied knowing Rodriguez and taking any steroids from him.

WWE has also not stated how it will handle the allegations against him.

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