New messenger app launches, letting companies chat to you — WhatsApp Business

Delia Watkins
January 20, 2018

Here are all your questions answered about the app.

Also, for now it's only available for Android users on Google Play Store and it's free.

WhatsApp For Business was launched a year ago as a way to help small businesses connect with their customers.

The app will soon be made available around the world. However, as quoted earlier, nothing would change for the general WhatsApp users except for having business-related accounts on their WhatsApp. Here's a quick look.

There's a brand new official version of WhatsApp, but it won't be replacing the current green-icon messenger you know and love.

Though the app is limited to just five markets from today, it will be rolling out globally in "the coming weeks", according to the company. So an SMB will be able to create their profile, which will be highlighted to regular users on WhatsApp. Customers do not need to install an extra application as WhatsApp Business for business management only. Also, messaging tools will include greeting messages that introduce customers to a business, or away messages that "let them know you're busy". Finally, businesses will be able to send and receive messages on their desktop and have a business account type. Customers will then see these accounts as "Business accounts".

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Business owners who decide to use the new app won't have to worry about their personal account. For bigger enterprises, WhatsApp might charge for specific tools that will help them analyse and improvise their businesses.

WhatsApp confirmed that the new app version will remain free for the long term. It said people rely on WhatsApp to talk to local companies. They will have all the existing features like blocking any number including the businesses, and report the spam.

WhatsApp Business is releasing today in Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, the United Kingdom and the US, with other regions getting it later.

WhatsApp doesn't feature ads and is investigating other ways to generate revenue.

With WhatsApp Business, the Facebook-owned social messaging platform wants to give businesses more controls as how to how they communicate with their customers.

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