Poison control centers warn teens: Eating Tide detergent pods can be deadly

Peter Castro
January 20, 2018

When videos showing the Tide Pod challenge are flagged, the videos are removed and the channel hosting the video are given a strike for violating the platforms community guidelines.

Warnings were also sent out by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission noting that "a meme should not become a family tragedy".

Talking to CNNMoney, Google stated that "YouTube's Community Guidelines prohibit content that's meant to encourage risky activities that have an inherent risk of physical harm".

Vidant has seen cases of kids eating the pods, but not stemming from the challenge. "DOING LAUNDRY. Nothing else".

P&G also issued a statement, noting that the pods are used safely in "millions of households everyday" and urging people not to eat them.

Tide was referring to American footballer Rob Gronkowski, who the company has asked to request people against undertaking the challenge.

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In Waynesboro, assistant high school principal Rita Sterner-Hine recommended that parents monitor their children's social media use and warn them of the dangers of consuming laundry detergent pods. The agency said that while the capsules are attractive to young children thanks to their colorful designs, they contain "highly concentrated, toxic detergent" that can cause harm.

Consuming detergent can lead to vomiting, throat burn, severe abdominal pain and poisoning. The first "Tide Pod Challenge" was posted on YouTube in 2014.

Doctors have urged people not to take part in the risky craze which routinely sees the person involved gagging at the strong chemical taste of the pod. The Onion, a satirical online news website, published a story in 2015 titled, "So Help Me God, I'm Going To Eat One Of Those Multicolored Detergent Pods".

"These pods are under a little pressure and they do tend to explode", Thornton said.

Berthiaume's dish, dubbed "Pied pods", is more like a mini-calzone stuffed with cheese, pepperoni, and spices that's wrapped in crispy dough and topped with cheese dyed the same colors as the cleaning product that some kids dare to eat as part of the viral "Tide-pod challenge" on social media.

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