Government shutdown: National Football League playoffs won't be televised for military personnel overseas

Tricia Pearson
January 22, 2018

Even if the network had been shut down, military members and their families stationed overseas could see the games streamed online and on NFL's GamePass system.

AFN services were deactivated due to "sports broadcasts not being considered an essential activity", chief Pentagon spokesperson Dana White said regarding the decision, via The Washington Post.

As "nonessential" government activities shut down due to the Republican-controlled Congress's failure to come up with a budget, so does the American Forces Network, which provides TV and radio programming to US military personnel around the world.

Members of the military serving overseas received some good news on Sunday: They will be able to watch the NFC and AFC Championship Games. It had been scheduled to show both the AFC championship and NFC championship games.

The government shutdown also forced the Air Force Academy to reschedule a handful of sports events.

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Both the Republicans and the Democrats have failed the troops on this one. That's especially bad news for Eagles, Vikings and Jaguars fans, since those teams share a total of 4 trips to the Super Bowl between them and appearances in a championship game for all three teams have been rare.

As the network that broadcasts National Football League playoff games overseas, that would mean that troops stationed overseas would have no way of watching the games. The American Forces Network, which is a TV channel specifically for troops outside the US broadcast market, will be out of commission until a deal is in place to get the government running again.

Due to the shutdown, the Department of Defense's Armed Forces Network was not operational Saturday. "I bet members of congress are gonna watch it", someone wrote on AFN Europe's Facebook page.

For those who have been in the armed services, life can be pretty miserable at times and the games are an invaluable way to rest and unwind.

It could be that a deal will be yet reached for the games to be broadcast to the deployed troops but you can be damn sure that the illegal aliens will be able to tune in without a problem.

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