Netanyahu & Putin to debate higher coordination on Syria & Iran in Moscow

Violet Powell
January 30, 2018

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met Monday in Moscow to discuss remnants of the Holocaust and the future of Syria.

In Moscow, Netanyahu is scheduled to visit with Putin the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center. According to the Kremlin, the two leaders "Russian-Israeli cooperation in trade, economic, cultural and humanitarian areas as well as some pressing worldwide and regional issues, including the situation in the Middle East and in Syria".

As they headed into their meeting, Netanyahu said: "I think that the main lesson of the rise of the Nazis and then the defeat of the Nazis is that we have to face murderous ideologies in time and with power".

The two leaders meet on a regular basis to coordinate Russian and Israeli military activities in Syria. "Will Iran establish itself in Syria or will this process be stopped?"

Israel has also warned against the establishment of Iranian missile factories in Syria, as well as the transfer of advanced weapons from that country to Hezbollah.

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"In light of the changing situation, our policies also change", Netanyahu said, adding that he relays to Putin Israel's positions as "clearly and truthfully" as possible. "I can't speak for the Russian position, but they understood that if certain changes weren't made, it is very possible that the United States would make good on its threat" to withdraw from the deal. Tel Aviv has been pushing the U.S. and Russian Federation to deny Iran, Hezbollah, and Shia militias any permanent bases in Syria, and to keep them away from the border with the Golan Heights.

With the Russian army just across the border in Syria, Netanyahu said that these meetings with Putin - and the type of cooperation that has developed between the defense establishments of both countries - is critical "so we don't clash". He added that the agendas for discussion included matters that were important to the national security of Israel. According to Netanyahu, however, the goal is "using Syria as a base from which to destroy Israel".

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made firm statements about Iran before leaving for Russian Federation to discuss the Islamic Republic with one of its key allies, President Vladimir Putin.

Putin called the meeting "very symbolic, because these days the entire world is remembering the victims of the Holocaust". Their last meeting was held at the end of August, 2017.

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