Switch outsells Wii U in less than a year

Delia Watkins
February 1, 2018

Between the Wii U's November 2012 launch and January 2017 discontinuation, Nintendo sold over 101 million pieces of software for the console. In less than a year. Total game sales for the Switch amount to 52.57 million, which is already more than half of all sales on the Wii U during its five-year run.

Switch, which can be played both at home and on the move, blends Nintendo's console and handheld device business with its fledgling mobile gaming strategy, which scored a big brand win with Pokemon Go's success in the summer of 2016. In addition to almost 15 million Switches sold, Nintendo announced that Super Mario Odyssey sold over nine million copies in the nine weeks between its release and the end of 2017 and 52.57 million software units sold total. 3 million systems were sold in the last quarter, bringing the total for the financial year to 5.86 million. Mario Kart Deluxe is next with 7.33 million, and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is number three with 6.7 million units sold.

The Nintendo Switch games console has outsold its predecessor, just 10 months after its launch. Nintendo lifted its full-year Switch software sales estimate to 53 million titles, up from 50 million it set in October.

Profits also came in at an eight-year-high of ¥116.5bn (£1.3bn), marking a whopping year-over-year increase of 261 per cent.

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Nintendo's earnings report confirmed that Switch sales are stronger than ever, with 7.23 million sold over the holiday quarter. In the first year we'll have game fans and Nintendo fans buy it.

Stellar demand for Switch pushed Nintendo's operating profit up nearly four-fold to ¥116.50 billion (Dh3.92bn) for the third quarter.

Earlier this month, Nintendo knocked the socks off of the Internet with just a few slabs of cardboard. A chart from Statista reveals that though only a few developers are now working on the relatively new console, it is only behind Windows PC and PS4 when it comes to attracting developer interest.

The best selling game by far is Super Mario Odyssey.

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