Gigi and Bella Hadid Leave Fans Uncomfortable With "Disturbing" Naked Photoshoot

Peter Castro
February 3, 2018

BEAUTIFUL Bella and Gigi Hadid show they're close as can be in this stunning shoot for Vogue.

In one of the pictures from the series, shot in black-and-white by Steven Meisel, the sisters can be seen sitting on the floor, legs crossed around each other with wide eyes and damp hair.

They appear gilded and sexy on the March cover of British Vogue, wearing matching chainmail one-shoulder Versace gowns, the photo was in the issue that drew everyone's attention.

However, fans soon took to social media to slam the publication by accusing them of over-Photoshopping Bella's face.

Regardless of how you feel about the moral boundaries the photo crosses for both Vogue and the Hadid's it is an objectively jaw-dropping shot.

In the issue, Gigi, who is only 18 months younger than Bella, revealed that she is the more protective sister even though Bella is older.

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"She's (Bella) one of the only people I'll get aggressive for", said Gigi, adding that she is proud of her and "would do anything for her". "I would do anything for her".

The blond beauty might not flaunt her riches - at least not all the time - and has described herself as an old lady, saying, "I'm kind of a grandma, so I like cooking for my boyfriend and watching a movie. Would you ever put two famous brothers naked [sic]".

As of yet, neither British Vogue nor Bella has responded to the backlash. "Let's try to not make women into such sexual objects..." they comment.

Yolanda recently told PEOPLE, "I ask my kids every day, 'God has provided you with this platform, what are you going to do with it?'" She said, "It's not about posting pretty selfies".

"Like I always say to my girls, there [are] a million girls who are as handsome as you are and deserve success as much as you do", Hadid said.

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