Qatar 'Ready To Participate' In US-GCC Summit

Jon Howard
February 3, 2018

The United States is committed to Qatar's sovereignty and security, he added.

The rift has been cause for concern, especially in terms of military cooperation.

"We're very happy to have this conclusion and agreement with the Qatari government on this and that's satisfactory to our government, the Qatari government, and the industries of both countries".

Gliha stressed that the inaugural Strategic Dialogue, which tackled areas of mutual concern and opportunity on topics such as political co-operation, defence, counterterrorism, and trade and investment, was a "symbol of the last several years of the USA and Qatar drawing closer together on different fronts".

"As we speak now, the commitment is a long-term commitment", al-Attiyah said.

During the strategic dialogue, Tillerson highlighted many important issues which will be discussed with Doha, including investment, security, counter-terrorism, energy and aviation.

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A joint declaration outlining the United States cooperation with Qatar on matters of shared regional and security interests, an MoU for creating a framework for the cooperation between the United States and Qatar to combat human trafficking were signed, he said.

Qatar's foreign minister has said that his country is willing to participate in a US-GCC summit next spring, provided that the blockading countries' motivation is based on real will and not coercion.

Al-Attiyah praised the US-Qatar relationship, saying that the Qatari Military has learned much from their American partners.

While speaking at the Heritage Foundation, the Qatari official said that "colleagues in the US Department of Defense are reluctant to mention the word 'permanent, ' but we are working from our side to make it permanent". The countries claim that Qatar supports terrorism and is destablizing the region. The US Navy's Central Command headquarters are in Bahrain, where the British Royal Navy set up a new overseas navy base for the first time in 45 years last fall.

Regarding Al Udaied base and the plan to expand the USA military existence of U.S. and possible establishment of marine base Rayan told reporters that the United States appreciate this offer and it needs to study the offer in detail.

The meeting between Qatari and U.S. officials comes just a few days after Qatar announced an expansion of a USA airbase in its capital, Doha. 'The Qatari navy has provided ships and we have also increased the pace of United States ships coming to Qatar to take supplies or repairs the maritime forces, he added.

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