Kirk Cousins breaks his silence after Redskins trade for Alex Smith

Tricia Pearson
February 5, 2018

The Kansas City Chiefs traded quarterback Alex Smith to the Washington Redskins.

Placing the franchise tag for the third consecutive year on Cousins would prevent him from becoming a true unrestricted free agent.

Redskins coach Jay Gruden did not give Cousins a sense that the team would use its franchise tag on him when the two spoke last week, but others connected to the team insist that Washington is considering it. Without the franchise tag Cousins would be the leagues top free agent. After everything that the team has put him through the past few seasons, Cousins, knowing that he will get paid eventually could decide to stick it to the Redskins by sitting on the deal for a couple of months, which would put a $34.5 million grip on Washington's salary cap. The answer: Let's tag Cousins again, then trade him!

However, tagging Cousins would add further complications, since Washington could not trade him until he signs the franchise tag.

Just when Cousins was excited to be wined and dined by the Browns, Jets, Broncos, and others, now he may have to deal with simply getting traded to a place he may not want to go. LIKE NFL by Chat Sports on Facebook to be notified when the NFL Daily goes live at 6 p.m. ET every day!

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This free agency class is loaded, with the biggest name surely being Bell in the backfield. That begins on March 14. For Kansas City, Andy Reid and the front office are ready to hand the keys of the offense over to Patrick Mahomes, a player who KC spent a first round pick on in last year's draft.

A league source predicted that a second-round pick (or picks) would be in play with any potential Cousins trade, not a first-round pick (or picks).

A report surfaced on Sunday that the Washington Redskins are still considering placing the franchise tag on their once considered franchise QB. Yes, but in that case, Washington would not get the 2019 third-round compensatory pick that it would receive if Cousins leaves in free agency in the traditional way. Cousins brings contract agreement back to Washington without signing an offer sheet. He mentioned Jacksonville as an example; the Jaguars had not won more than five games since 2010 yet reached the AFC Championship Game this season. There's a chance that Cousins could be the quarterback that's missing for each of those teams, putting them all on level footing. The team can not complete the trade without him doing so.

Cousins will likely reset the market at the position whenever he finally gets the deal he's been yearning for.

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