Koreas' combined women's hockey team debuts in friendly

Violet Powell
February 5, 2018

Mr Kim chairs the top decision-making body of North Korea's rubber-stamp parliament, and his official title as president of the Presidium of the Supreme People's Assembly made him the North's nominal or ceremonial leader.

On Sunday night, the North sent a message via a cross-border communication channel saying its high-level delegation will visit South Korea from February 9-11, the South's Unification Ministry said.

A total of 12 players from North Korea will participate alongside 23 from the South in an enlarged squad it what marks the first occasion where the two countries have appeared side by side on the Olympic stage.

The Socialist Workers Party says working people in the US and around the world should demand that Washington permanently end its military maneuvers and withdraw its troops from Korea, lift all sanctions against the North, and immediately get rid of all USA nuclear weapons.

Earlier this month, North and South Korea agreed to field a joint women's ice hockey team and also march together under a unified Korea flag at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics. It will march alongside South Korea in the Opening Ceremony on February 9, under a unified flag and the two countries will even field a joint women's hockey team.

The North Korean minister also accused US authorities of "misleading public opinion" to believe the new inter-Korean dialogue is the result of "their harshest sanctions and pressure imposed on our country".

US President Donald Trump welcomed six North Korean defectors to the Oval Office on Friday, a high profile and potentially provocative show of support.

Incredibly, North Korea's national flag will also be flying in their southern neighbouring country.

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The Pyeoungchang committed actually bid to host the 2010 and 2014 Winter Olympics, losing in the final round of voting, before finally getting the nod for 2018.

'The North Koreans have been master manipulators in the past.

"I think young people have hostility about the North because they only heard bad things about North Korea for the past nine years", said 19-year-old Chae Hyun-min, who was waiting in line to enter the stadium in freezing cold weather.

Under an IOC-brokered deal, North Korea was supposed to send a 46-member group composed of 22 athletes and 26 coaches, officials and journalists.

"There is tension between North Korea and South Korea".

But North Korea plans to hold a military parade before the Winter Olympics begin, putting further strain on diplomatic relations with the South in the days ahead of the Games.

The two are expected to meet for 45 minutes in a hotel near the venue.

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