Tsunami warning text alerts a result of test from National Weather Service

Violet Powell
February 7, 2018

In a statement, the service said that during a routine test of the tsunami alert system, the test was released by a private sector company leading to a widespread warning all along the East Coast.

The National Tsunami Warning Center sent the test message around 8:30 a.m. EST on Tuesday.

Some Delmarva residents received an AccuWeather notification of a tsunami warning Tuesday morning that may have spoiled breakfast. After advising people to seek shelter, the warning was retracted minutes later. A tsunami warning means that an actual tsunami has been generated and could be nearing a land mass.

Today, though, Twitter users around the country once again expressed confusion and outrage about the NWS mishap, while the weather service sought to clarify in a series of tweets that there was no tsunami threatening the east coast.

U.S. officials were investigating how incorrect alerts were broadcast to cellphones on Tuesday warning residents of coastal cities from NY to New Orleans of possible tsunami waves.

Last month, residents of the West Coast were warned to brace for possible tsunami after an quake off the coast of Alaska. However, some news and weather services picked up the test message and posted it on social media and in apps.

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ME resident Jeremy DaRoss - who lives along the coastline in Portland - said the water visible from his house looked a little different after the alert appeared on his phone. Smartphone users may have received the alert as a notice on their phones.

This is the latest in a spate of false alarms in the past month.

As a precaution, the Tsunami Warning Center periodically issues tests as part of an alerting system for residents living along the seaboard. The agency's chief resigned and the worker who sent the alert was sacked.

"I then tried to open the notification again and this time it showed the message that it was a test".

If you've gotten a text alert for a tsunami warning in your area, don't worry.

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