Facebook isn't testing a dislike button, but something far more useful

Delia Watkins
February 10, 2018

Several users could see the new option on Thursday in the comments section of posts within Facebook groups and old Facebook memories content.

"We are not testing a dislike button", the company said in a statement.

"But, according to a thread on Reddit, first spotted by The Daily Beast, a version of that button has finally made its way to some users" accounts. Facebook is trying to weed out hoaxes as well as inappropriate and irrelevant content through this feature.

Facebook said that the test is being carried on five percent of Android users in the US.

The test is only available to 5% of people using Android smartphones in the U.S., and only on apps where the language is set to English.

Some people are questioning how well this type of feature will work on Facebook, as it could result in people downvoting comments for personal reasons and possibly cause more difficulty on the social network.

What people really want, Zuckerberg said at the time, "is the ability to express empathy.Not every moment is a good moment".

When a user taps the downvote button, they are presented with three options: Offensive, Misleading and Off Topic. Facebook will then let you alert the company about the post, but the whole process isn't exactly intuitive.

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Many users picked up on this new feature cropping up for them on Twitter and other forms of social media, which they are comparing to Reddit's community-controlled comment system.

The info gleaned is not about giving a commenter feedback but giving feedback to Facebook.

In 2016, Facebook rolled out the option of choosing from a collection of emojis called "Reactions" to respond to posts or images with more nuanced emotions than "like".

Facebook wants to make sure that it is clear that the downvote button isn't a dislike button.

The new button is now being tested on a limited set of comment reels on public page posts, where it appears as a "downvote" option alongside the "like" and "reply" buttons.

For years, some users have campaigned for a "dislike" button on posts, along the same lines and as an alternative to the popular "like" feature.

That could eventually lead to a way for Facebook to bury these comments, or the people that post them. Moreover, a commenter would not know if his or her comment has been downvoted.

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