Google is testing smart replies in popular third-party messaging apps

Allan Goodman
February 14, 2018

Now that you have an understanding of what smart replies are, you should also know that a small R&D team at Google is working to bring this feature to all of your favorite messaging clients.

Smart Reply was first introduced by Google for its email app called Inbox. Later, the Smart Reply feature was made accessible to the Android Messages as well as Allo app by Google, reports Android Central.

Google is working on a new messaging app that adds smart replies but has not mentioned other details such as the launch time.

The Reply app is from Area 120, a group at Google focused on quickly iterated experimental products that the public are able to test. So, when a notification comes in from a supported messaging app, Reply is right there with contextual replies ready to go.

"You probably get a lot of chat messages".

Google is working on an app that will allow user to reply to a message for any app directly from the notification panel with just a single tap on it. Google calls the app Reply and it will predict answers to provide three smart answers to a message. Screenshots of how the new software works have already been shared online. One of them includes a Do Not Disturb mode that turns on automatically when it detects that the user is driving.

Reply based on Smart Reply is designed to work with a number of popular messaging services including Google Hangouts and Allo Whatsapp Facebook Messenger Android Messages Skype Twitter direct messages and Slack

The technology can tell others if a user is on holiday by checking a calendar and replying accordingly.

Area 120 notes that Reply works with Hangouts, Allo, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Android Messages, Skype, Twitter DMs, and Slack. Smart Reply would even be able to break out of your phone's silent mode if a message came in that seemed urgent, such as, "We're all here, where are you?" or "I am in the dungeon of the castle, my name is Zelda, please help me". Reply is still very much so in its early development days, and it's entirely possible that Google will scrap the project at any given moment.

Google's Area 120, a workshop for experimental products under development at the Mountain View firm, is now testing the new system.

If you're interested in testing out Reply and other applications from Area 120 in the future, your best bet is to sign up to join the incubator's Early Access Program.

Google's Smart Reply uses the firm's neural network to intelligently analyse a message's content to suggest an appropriate response.

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