If you damage your HomePod, don't bother repairing it yourself

Allan Goodman
February 15, 2018

For now, I'd say the HomePod is certainly impressive given its natural restrictions, but I wouldn't call it an audiophile dream machine.

"You can play any music or audio through the HomePod from your iPhone or iPad via AirPlay", said Martin.

There's a lot riding on that assessment.

Circling back to the beginning, I do think iOS users with Apple Music and HomeKit devices will be thrilled with the sound and home control of HomePod, provided they can wait for Apple to address some of the gaps in Siri's smarts. Plus, the speaker is a potential big deal for AAPL stock.

So desperate to hawk the product by the sound quality, the Tame Apple Press has even taken to printing a review on Reddit where an Apple Fanboy Fouzan Alam makes the ridiculous claim that the Apple HomePod has the same sound quality as a $999 KEF X300A. The company is a very late entrant to the market.

The HomePod is not cheap-at least when it comes to smart speakers. Not only is the HomePod a technical marvel, but Apple managed to fit all of the components in the speaker both efficiently and elegantly while still packing in all the necessities.

While the HomePod is undoubtedly a very nice looking and sounding smart speaker, it is still light years behind the competition.

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The consumer electronics market is now teeming with various kinds of smart gadgets for the home.

Plus, the HomePod has room-sensing technology that allows it to tune the music based on its surroundings, bouncing ambient sounds in your music off nearby walls. Fortune's Don Reisinger noted in his review that the HomePod's sound was better than the Echo and Home, but he conceded that the "sound quality isn't something that can justify its lofty price tag".

But Consumer Reports doesn't agree that's how it turned out.

We'll keep using the HomePod over time to assess new features and functions as they become available. The HomePod's set up process is slick and not dissimilar to using AirPods.

Music fans will generally be impressed with the performance of the HomePod, but testers from ConsumerReports have reported that the bass was a bit boomy and overemphasized. Treble sounds, like cymbals, were underemphasized.

It's important to note that the Apple HomePod does have high-end audio quality, but when compared to the performance of the Google Home Max and the Sonos One, it fails to offer any significant improvements over these tried and true competitors. It also failed to match the audio performance of the cheapest offering from multi-room wireless audio leader Sonos.

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